Fluid Self

Fluid Self is a large scale interactive installation amplifying human creativity, allowing visitors to become a part of a working creative mind. Participants in the installation can touch the mechanics of the brain, see information flowing from neuron to neuron, and hear this energy coalescing into a coherent musical entity representing our fluid self.

The Installation

The installation combines physical structure with complex intuitive interaction.

The collapsible steel structure provides the foundation and defines the spaces, allowing for quick assembly and shipping in a small container.

These steel elements anchor textile ‘neurons’ which act both as touch points and light sources, further dividing the space.

Together, these elements create a soft, organic/mechanical space that participants can explore and touch.

The Challenge

The primary challenge with this project was the complex development process.

It was necessary to develop both the metal structure connections, a removable, tentionable system for the the textile neurons, communication and power supply for the sensor network and lighting system, and a three dimensional parametric sound system to create the feeling of movement of sound with light

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