Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel is a 40 meters long underground tunnel going underneath an amphitheater which creates a sense of movement through a worm hole. It was set to be the entrance to the Midburn Decompression Party and conveyed the sense of moving transitioning to another dimention in time and space.

The Installation

At he eclipse of 2015’s summer, a few months after Midburn 2015’s celebration we were asked to build an installation for Midburn's decompression party.

The theme was Time Travel so pretty fast the theme was set on building a time tunnel.

The settings was a huge amphitheater which it’s surroundings were to be a playground with music, installations and art and it’s inner was to be the main event with music, DJs and performances.

We were tasked with creating the entrance to that main area through 3X3 meters, 40 meters long tunnel going underneath the terraces in the middle of the shoe horn shaped gallery.

The main concept was to create a sense of movement through a worm hole by layering the walls with sheets of fabric twisted in a spiral shape along with perspecs cubes hanging throughout the tunnel giving the sense of detached particles floating in space.

Some eye candy:

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